Swoon Worthy Saturday


Swoon Worthy Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by Stay Bookish

Character: Deamon Black

From: The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian is the first book in this series besides the prequel (which I’m saving for last) called Shadows.

Ok so sharing time, I have a guilty pleasure for bad boys. The mean, brooding, popular, eat your heart out kind of characters. Case in point my love for Daemon Black. I’ll admit he is a downright butt head (think not so nice words instead) and can really grind my gears most of the time, but for some reason I just love his character. Or maybe it’s the mental image I have of him, yea probably that. What are the words Jennifer uses to describe him? Dangerous. Tempting. Undeniable. Yes please! With dark brown unruly hair that is constantly falling into his amazingly electric green eyes and a height well over 6ft it’s easy to see why he’s swoon worthy. Not so spoiler alert: Daemon is an alien. Being an alien also allows him to glow blindingly bright and when he’s actually in control of his emotions and in human skin his eyes have a tendency to glow white from within. I might have to call Mulder from the X-Files because I think I’ve fallen for an alien! I know Jennifer strays away from cover models in the later books but the male model is the perfect fit for my mental image of Daemon. (Katy on the other hand is much cuter and curvier in my head then the model shown on the cover and I generally just pretend that isn’t her. Is that sad?)

I don’t have any specific quotes but I do want to say that at the end of book three and beginning of book four is when I really fell in love with his character. You get a first person view from Daemon in the fourth book and my heart goes out to Katy whenever I read about how he will burn bridges and expose his secret all in the name of saving the girl he loves. (Yes, I’m a sucker I know.) Also, he calls her Kitty Kat. That’s adorable.

Dream Cast time! Although I said the cover model is pretty spot on I found a few others that match up to what I like to think Daemon looks like.

1. The cover model.

2. The ultimate heartthrob and always my dream cast: Tyler Hoechlin.

Have you read any of the Lux series? What’s your thought on Daemon Black? Got a different dream cast? Leave me a comment so we can discuss.