Thursday Ramblings- To Read or Not to Read

mystery-bookHave you ever gotten a book you had been looking forward to and found out it’s not exactly what you hoped for? I have a problem with downloading books on sale or just cheap books with a plot I thought sounded interesting. The problem is my poor kindle is about out of space! So logically I decided to start power reading the books I bought and store them on the cloud to make room. Sounds easy right? The problem is that I’ve been going along at a steady pace but I’ve found a few books I couldn’t even finish and a couple I questioned why I even downloaded them in the first place. Naturally I feel terrible because nothing makes a book nerd feel bad then reading bad books.

I work fulltime and in my free time I tend to do all the cooking (because I love it) and the baking (because it’s yummy.) Not to mention freelance work when I have it.  By the time I get home and finish my nightly routine its borderline bedtime and all I want to do is read. Naturally I don’t want to waste my time reading bad books which is exactly why I created this blog. I want to spread the word about books that are great, that make you feel amazing or sweep you up in their story. Also, to warn you about books that aren’t worth your time.

So what happens when you find a book with good plot and decent characters but the writing style just doesn’t suit you? I won’t lie, I DNF books if they do not hold my attention. ARC’s are the exclusion to the rule. I just don’t have time to waste reading bad books. But what about the ones you like and even enjoy the plot of but can’t stand reading? I’m currently reading a self published book and the plot is pretty good, and the main love interest is scrumptious but the writing style is just….blah. Worse yet is it has vastly mixed reviews. Half are 5 stars while the other half is 1 star. No middle ground to base the age old question: Should I continue? A good rule of thumb in my experience is 30% of an ebook. That is the magic number. If an ebook can’t hold my attention to 30% then it’s just a waste of time. If it’s an actual book I tend to give up sooner and then skim ahead to see if it gets interesting enough to continue.

My reading mood might also have to do with the immense fog and raining days that have been plaguing the Midwest recently. When I was younger I could gobble books up one after another but as I grew older I’m realizing that I’ve become a mood reader. That is- I really have to be in the mood to read or I won’t enjoy it or read it. Honestly I’d never even heard of the term until I was reading Lisa’s post over on Read.Breath.Relax. Maybe I should just veg on Netflix and try the book again later?