BookShelf Tour – Summer 2015

Bookshelf tourI apologize in advance but I don’t actually own a proper camera so you’ll have to make due with what I have.

Here we have the main bookshelf, minus the top most shelf which doesn’t have anything on it at the moment. It was built by David’s father as a house warming gift. Last October we bought our first house which has been trial and error but I love it all the same.
This is just a cluster of ARC’s I’ve received and Cinder from the local library.
I am collecting Golden Books so you’ll see them scattered about in the shelves. Here we display random books and board games we play most often.
This is David’s shelf of manga and the card I made him for Valentines Day.
Art books, cook books, illustration books, Golden Books, etc. 
This is what I call my YA shelf. It’s got overflow of my favorites and other young adult books
This is my favorites/current TBR self. 
Some more random manga of David’s and my copy of The Fair Isle.
In the built in china cabinet we decided to fill it with movies on one side and my collection of manga on the other. I haven’t bought any in awhile but I still love reading it!
As you can see, more behind the door/hinge.

3 thoughts on “BookShelf Tour – Summer 2015

  1. oohh i love seeing your bookshelf, I am nosey by nature and love looking at peoples bookshelves! I once spent hours watching bookshelf tours on YT:P
    I might just do this post myself!!
    Your house looks lovely 🙂


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