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Thirsty Thursday: Thoughts, ideas, and rambles.

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I don’t tend to post a lot on Thursdays and for that I am sorry. My life have been going at neck breaking speeds lately and although I am posting reviews I feel my blog to be lacking. I recently took a promotion at work about a month ago (in a field I’m not quite happy with) and am in the interview process for a much better/more qualified job so I’ve been stressing and working like crazy.

I would like to set the time aside to make more graphics for the blog but after this weekend I’ll be putting in overtime on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays so I’m not sure when that will happen. I might just have to go back to my college schedule where I only work 30 minutes on a design at a time until its done. If that’s how it has to be then so be it. I enjoy building my blog its like my little slice of the internet.

As you might also know with crazy work schedules some other things will start to slip, like reading. I was sent 5 ARC’s and have another blog tour coming up but until those are all done and reviewed I won’t be requesting more. It’s for the best, even if it means I miss out on some really sweet new releases.

Just wanted to touch base and give a little life update. Now to go off and drown my stress in drinks!




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