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Mini Review+Giveaway: Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru by Tera Lynn Childs


6f058-10thingssloane_500Title & Author: Ten Things Sloane Hates About True by Tera Lynn Childs

Genre:  Young Adult- Contrmporary, Romance

Release Date: September 14th 2015

Series: Creative Hearts #1

Publisher: Entangled Crush

Source: ARC via the Publisher

Pages: 245

Description: When life gives you a blank canvas, make art.

Sloane Whitaker hates everything about moving to Texas. She hates leaving behind her friends and half her family in New York, starting over senior year at Austin’s NextGen Academy, and having to say she lives in Texas. Most of all, she hates that it’s all her fault. If she wants to earn her way back to the Big Apple, she has to prove she can still be the perfect daughter.

Which means no vandalism art, no trouble at school, and absolutely no Tru Dorsey, her serial screw-up neighbor, who loves nothing more than pushing her buttons.

But from the moment he vaults onto the roof outside her bedroom, there is something about him that makes her want to break every rule. Suddenly it’ s not the ten things she hates about Tru that are at the top of her list. It’s the ten reasons she doesn’t want to be without him.


I was provided a free advanced copy from the publisher and author for a honest review. My thoughts and feelings were not swayed by any outside influence.

First of all I realize I did this pretty much backwards but there was a few issues and I didn’t think I would received my arc in time for the blog tour let alone read it before my post date so I made a initial blitz post to kick off the blog tour here.

The Good

I really enjoyed the artist side of this YA novel. I went to school for Graphic Design and being the focus of Sloane’s schooling it was nice to revisit old terms and discussions. Some things were watered down a lot to make sense to others who are not familiar with art terminology but I can live with that. Sloane had a lot of personal growth in this story although she was extremely whiney in the beginning I found myself loving her the farther I read. Shedding light on art high schools was also a really neat thing since I know they exist but few realize there are real specialized high schools to help fast track students.

The Not so Great

There wasn’t a lot going on in this story. Like at all. In fact I think it covers maybe 3 weeks in real time and most of that is just Sloane whining about missing NY and Tru talking about his insta attachment to Sloane and his family situation. Sloane bitched all. the. time. To her mom, friends, Tru. It got old fast. Thankfully she mostly grows out of it.


I cannot deny that I sped through this and enjoyed it. Would I be willing to reread this or go out of my way to purchase it? Probably not. There was a ton of stuff left unresolved at the end and I didn’t like it. VIEW SPOILER ON GOODREADS Also, Sloane hasn’t said anything about Graphic Grrl and if she will tell anyone about the comic. It was built up for so long in the story then just dropped flat.

Would I Recommend this book?
If you like art, and really light fluffy crushed then yes. If you are looking for something with more than light kisses then I would say you’re in for a disappointment. Of course everyone needs a little light love every now and again.

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