Watching Wednesday: Favorite TV Shows

I couldn’t find a bookish weekly meme about other forms of media bloggers might enjoy. So I did what ever young blogger would do- make one up! Now I know a lot of us like to read read read but what do you enjoy when you want a break? Do you just cruise the internet on tumblr or do you hit the couch and watch a movie/show or play your favorite video game? I honestly do all of these, sometimes at the same time. Lately however I’ve fallen into the tv fad again. I don’t own a television subscription so I get my fix via Netflix, Hulu or breaking down and buying seasons at a time from Best Buy. Personally I don’t enjoy Hulu as much because I don’t want to pay for a subscription that still shows me ads and I know they just came out with a solution to that which is exciting!

So what have I been watching lately? A lot of stuff. Which is bad because I’m a binge watcher.


I started this just last week and I’m almost done with the second season. Four seasons are currently on Netflix and season five is just starting to air. It’s got everything I love: drama, political scheming, scandals, HUGE web of lies, complicated relationships, diversity and a rollercoaster of emotion. So far Huck is my favorite character besides Cyrus. Although he’s kind of a dick butt and does some seriously fudged up stuff. Well, both of them do actually.

The 100

Currently Netflix only has the first season and I was able to catch a few of the second season on Hulu while it was airing but I still need to finish this show. I’m so engrossed I started watching the first season over again. This show is based on the books by Kass Morgan. I’ve heard some really hit or miss remarks about the book series and as much as I would like to read them, they are not at the top of my list. Eventually I’ll get around to them but until then I am more than happy to just watch the show.

Don’t be surprised when I catch up to on seasons 2/when season 3 airs my twitter will blow up. I am a 10000% Blark shipper (Bellamy + Clark) and will go down with that ship. Apparently they get together in the book? Sorry not sorry but this show is one of my newest obsessions. Kids taking care of each other/surviving in a poisonous world/post apocalyptic earth filled with mutants and evil people and really creepy two headed deer.

Have you watched either of these shows? Anything new you want to gush about? I;m always open to recommendations for a new show to obsess over.


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