Watching Wednesday: New shows, video games and crafting + giveaway

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Watching Wednesday is not solely bound to television or the like. I’m expanding to include all other forms of hobbies/activities we bloggers so besides read. (I still haven’t come up with a banner I like. Testing new graphics.)

Day late and a dollar short. This was schedules to post last night but WordPress hates me so sorry for the Thursday post.

Some of the Halloween crafts I made

Since the last post I’ve done a lot of crafting for decorations around the house. As a new home owner I am lacking in the holiday decorations/general filler or fluff you would find around a well established home. We’ve been in the house a year now and only bought a handful of things since our time in the rental. The rental was half the size of this new house. So naturally we have all this space to fill or use and very little furniture for it. So I have been making Halloween and Christmas stuff! What better way to fill your home with things you love then with homemade goodie? I regularly post pictures of my crafts on my instagram and sometimes twitter. If anyone is interesting I can also post the patterns I either used or made myself. Some crafts include coasters for the end tables, stuffed plushes and little coin purses/phone cases.

I’ve still been watching Scandal but I also really enjoy watching people play video games. Silly I know but if I’m not playing I enjoy watching David play his. He recently picked up a copy of Dark Souls II and I love it. It’s spooky, creepy, and hard to beat. Plus David made a female character who looks like she hulk so I laugh every time I see her.  Plus the monsters/demon things are scary as heck. Look at these things!

Besides watching him play Dark Souls II I found some new shows on Netflix to watch such as iZombie and A Young Doctor’s Notebook.

iZombie is really interesting but the pace of the show is a bit off for me. I tend to watch this when I don’t want to speed watch other shows. I can only take an episode at a time.

A Young Doctor’s Notebook is gory which I don’t have the stomach for but David really enjoys the dark humor and we both love Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm so I cover my eyes when things get too gruesome.

Has anyone watched either of these shows? What were your thoughts? I would love to hear them.

I also want to remind everyone I have a giveaway going on. This is a giveaway for just my blog so anyone that signs up has a better chance. I literally have one free book to giveaway. The link for the give away can be found in this post. If you like New Adult I encourage you to just give it a try. I put down two free entries to sweeten the deal.


7 thoughts on “Watching Wednesday: New shows, video games and crafting + giveaway

  1. Ooo~~~ I actually have that same interest, if I’m not playing a game, I do enjoy watching someone play. Sometimes we even tag team through a game! I’m actually interesting in checking out A Young Doctor’s Notebook now….although I don’t think I’d be going for iZombie…^^; Not a Zombie fan lol

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    1. AYDN is REALLY good. It’s bloody so be forewarned. The humor is very dark and that’s what I like most about it.

      Glad I’m not the only one who enjoys watching people play games. I would tag team with him if the games he played weren’t so hard haha!


      1. I remember when I was pretty young, and this was on the PS, Final Fantasy 7, my friends and I came up with this CRAZY idea to marathon the game till we finish. No sleep. It was 3 of us tag teaming each other, through toilet breaks, snacks and whatever else. I don’t even remember how long it took us, or if we finished the game. LOL!!!!

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