Book Review: Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight into It – Michelle Proulx

24457914Title & Author: Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight into It by Michelle Proulx

Genre:  Young Adult- Sci-Fi, Romance

Release Date: January 11, 2015

Series: Imminent Danger #1

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc

Source: Provided by Author

Description: High school junior Eris Miller thinks she’s having a bad day when her roommate’s boyfriend catches her stepping out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel. Then she gets abducted by scaly six-armed aliens with a strange fondness for the color blue, and her day suddenly gets a whole lot worse.

Trapped on a spaceship bound for the slave markets of Sirius B, Eris fears she’ll never see her home again. But then fate whisks her away from her reptilian captors and into the arms of Varrin, a fast-talking space pirate who promises to deliver her safely back to Earth. He claims to have her best interests at heart, but Eris soon discovers that her charming rescuer has a hidden agenda.

As they race across the galaxy, outrunning a villainous figure from Varrin’s past, Eris begins to realize that their relationship is putting her planet, her life and her heart in imminent danger. She knows that trusting Varrin could prove deadly … but what other choice does she have?


First of all I just want to give a huge shout out to Michelle who is a total darling and super sweet! Secondly this book was ridiculous and awesome and I love sci-fi and aliens so this made me SO HAPPY TO READ. As many of you know I am incredibly scared of indie published books. They can be amazing but most fall flat fast.

2015 is apparently the year I test my boundaries and find and like many indie books.You know what? I think this deserves a whole slew of pictures/gifs to express my feelings because I am so happy to have found great indie books. This post is brought to you by The Road to El Dorado

This book started off with a bang! Eris is such a cute shy nerdy girl I just want to put her in my pocket and carry her around with me. (Sounds ridiculous but the highest of compliments I assure you.) Right away she is thrust into space via some really cool albeit scary lizard aliens. Straight off I could tell I was going to enjoy this simply by the writing style. It was sassy but professional and just made me appreciate Eris all the more. Everything flowed really well and the introduction to new species was descriptive enough to form a clear picture of what she was looking at. Also, the use of a translator was super appealing (nice thinking there Michelle!) since it easily explained how Eris could understand everyone.

That poor girl could not catch a break and went flying from one bad situation to another. It was all rather comical and a bit disheartening at the same time. I really wanted Eris to be OK and not fighting for her life but watching her grow as a character and open up helped her shine all the brighter.

great frustrated ugh annoyed sarcastic
Just kiss already

Varrin is a total hunk, there I said it. Of course he’s a sarcastic bugger as well because I have a soft spot for huge pain in the asses. His playboy attitude was fun and aggravating at the same time. I really wanted Eris to smack him silly. But also kiss him. A lot.

Please be aware this is best a book to not take seriously because its just hilarious and full of twists, that being said I did find just a few things I didn’t like. Towards the end of the book when Eris returns home and her mother is freaking out about her abduction I felt like it was all very forced and didn’t read well. Eris traveled so far and overcame so many obstacles to return to Earth and just simply throws it away because her mother is being over protective and freaking out. Everyone was acting so calm and collected as well when she just popped back up again. Wouldn’t the police be involved and missing person posters be plastered everywhere? Besides that part of the book the rest was smooth sailing and nonstop enjoyment!

I pride in keeping my reviews (mostly) spoiler free and so I can’t really get into too much detail but just imagine me internally screaming at the wacky, fun and steamy things that keep happening to Eris and you’ll know I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Please someone read this so I can talk to them about it. I need more sci-fi lovers to share this with. I even threw together a little book board with some things that made me thing of this book.


Final Thoughts Purple watercolor ribbon

Overall this book was an amazing light read that I found myself laughing out loud to. The world building was fantastic and I hope to see more amazing alien cities in the next book! I don’t give out ratings on the blog but on Goodreads I’m giving this a solid 4.5 stars. Definitely the type of book that demands a reread.

Would I recommend this book ribbon

Yes! I enjoyed every moment of this book and I highly recommend it to others who enjoy sci-fi, aliens, hotties and wacky space antics.

No but seriously, Varrin.

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