Book Review: P.A.W.S. by Debbie Manber Kupfer

26034882Title & Author: P.A.W.S. by Debbie Manber Kupfer

Genre: Young Adult- Paranormal, Fantasy

Release Date: June 10th 2013

Series: I think?

Publisher:  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Source: Review Copy via Author

Description: When Miri’s grandmother dies, she takes with her the family secret. Miri finds herself alone and abandoned in a St. Louis boarding school. But she is about to discover the secret isn’t dead. Taunted by bullies, Miri is shocked to learn she possesses a secret power. It can save her… but can it save those she loves? After she is befriended by others with the same strange, magical powers, her history comes alive. And with it, Miri’s fate becomes more dangerous. Join Miri on a mysterious and supernatural journey with her new friends, members of an underground St. Louis society known as the Partnership for Animagi, Werewolves, and Shapeshifters, better known as P.A.W.S.

I received a free review copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.

Shapeshifting never looked funner!

P.A.W.S. is a very interesting story about a girl named Miri who finds out she can transform into a cat with the help of a very important cat charm. After her grandmother passes away she is sent to live with her Uncle and his wife, both of whom she has never met before. Instantly she is sent off to a boarding school where young Miri finds it hard to fit in and instead is content to live in the world of books and writing stories. She’s a kind girl that has just been dealt the wrong hand by life. After she finds out she can transform Josh, a werewolf comes and recruits her for P.A.W.S. which is a sort of magical boarding school for shapshifters.  Here we learn of all these amazing people and the animals they can turn into.

This book is written for a much younger audience than I am used to. Normally when I read Young Adult it falls in the late high school- college age bracket. That isn’t to say YA can’t be for everyone because trust me, I will be reading YA until I am old and gray. P.A.W.S. however, is written for a young audience in terms of simplicity. This skirts the fine line of Middle Grand and Young Adult. Things are easy to understand, villains are obvious, the love interest is easy to pick out, the explanation and descriptions are not overly complicated and use more simple words. All of this is not a bad thing. I will repeat that last part, a simple writing style is not a bad thing. For those of you who enjoy easy fun reads this is a good book to read, or for those with young children (Miri is 13 in the book I think?) who are looking for something in their age bracket this is right up there alley. But for those who like heavy, intricate fantasy books you might find this lacking.


Final thoughts pink purple

Would I buy this book? Probably not for myself but I can see my cousin who just started high school loving this book. Plus, it takes place in St Louis which is really, really close to where I live so it’s fun to read about things you are familiar with like the Zoo and downtown STL. I also really liked that there was different types of shapshifters. Plus, all the different type of animals! The only bummer is someone has to die to pass on the charm so you can turn into said animal if your that type of shapshifter which is pretty depressing. Overall I enjoyed this book. It was simple and well written.

would i rec pink purple

The story is very unique and well executed and although this is out of my normal comfort zone I still found myself zipping along and reading this quickly. If your looking for something that aims for somewhere between Middle Grade and Young Adult this is a good book for you.

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