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February Wrap Up + Life Update

February was not a very good month for reading for me. I was constantly pulled in a million directions in life/work and David got me all of True Blood as a Valentines/early Birthday gift so I’ve been glued to the tv as a form of stress relief. Review requests are still closed as I have 2 blog tours to do and four more books to finish that take priority but I’m still getting emails for my wait list and they are good books I don’t want to say no to. I never thought I would have an issue finding time to read!

Blogging has really taken a back seat as of late because of my work/life balance being out of wack. I recently got moved out of my office (for construction) and into the supervising room for all the resident doctors at our clinics and now I’m being bombarded with questions by the residents and I just want to pull my hair out. I went from a very quiet room to a room constantly full of 10+ people at all times and its taken my anxiety to the max. I’ve been drinking so much coffee lately that the nurses now cut me off.

Essentially I want to apologize if you tagged me in a blog award or something else and I haven’t done it yet. I might never if my life doesn’t stop going 1000 mph. I also want to say that although I haven’t found a lot of time to comment on other blogs I still try to visit and catch up on what’s going on. It just sometimes takes me a week or two.

Now for the good news! I bought a brides maid dress last weekend(?), my weekends all blur together, it could have been two weeks ago. Its amazing and fits perfectly and I love it, but my good friend the bride wants a work out buddy to slim down before she has to do alterations so i’ll be joining a gym with her. I’m hoping that’ll help me relax as well shed a few pounds. As the saying goes, you can always take in a dress but you can’t add material to it, so I’m all for getting into shape. I used to really like working out and being exhausted and just passing out afterwards so i’m looking forward to it. This is going to be the second wedding I’m in this year. The first one being in May then this one in October. I haven’t gotten to see my dress for the first wedding (a little nervous since I didn’t get to try it on before it was ordered) so hoping this will help if its sized too small since woman’s clothing is sized by witchcraft and makes no sense.

I’ve also gotten into using a planner and that’s helped me start getting my life back in order. I keep track of the books I need to read/review and jot down blog post ideas in it. I’m not very good at decorating it yet so you won’t see pictures of it until its cuter.

Anyway, on to the wrap up!


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