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Blog Tour Guest Post: 122 Rules by Deek Rhew

I’m so excited to be on Part Time Book Nerd! Thanks for having me on, Ashley, and hello to all you readers!

Today I’m here to talk about the beauty of being bad! George Thorogood said, “Born to be bad, that’s the story of my life. Doing things wrong is my way of doing things right.” Let’s face it, who wants to hang out with a good guy if there’s no bad guys to be defended against?


Would you really want to hang out with the Super Friends unless there was someone threatening the Earth? Would you play football with Batman? Water polo with Aquaman? Admittedly, I’d love to fly in her invisible jet, but would you like to lasso cattle with Wonder Woman? Not unless you wanted your bootae kicked.

To create balance in the force, one needs to have the bad guy yin along with the good guy yang. The more powerful, the more sinister the villain, the better the hero can be, well, heroic. But what makes a good nemesis?

Before we begin, some mood music, please!

Clothing. Well, first they must look the part. There are some folks that really persevere in the “looks evil” department, but I think Loki gets my trophy for Best Dressed. Flowing capes, embossed armor, ginormous horns, the Loki stick, crazy enraged army alien dudes.

Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man

What he lacks in charm, he more than makes up for in dramatic accouterment flair. Let’s face it, this guy always looks more put together than Dolly Parton.

Voice. No matter how sinister a villain looks, if he sounds like a Powerpuff Girl, he won’t command respect.


No one does it better than Darth Vader. He has the deep dark voice, the sinister breathing, and every time he enters the room the Imperial March plays from some speaker someplace.

Menacing Expressions. If one is to be a villain, one MUST have many thoughtful and sinister expressions.


And who has a more evil expressions than Khan (also known as Khaaaaaaaaaaannnn!)


Whether you’re a fan of the original Khan played by Ricardo Montalbán or the new Khan Noonien Singh played by Benedict Cumberbatch, you’ve got to admit, facing this guy on your big screen TV in outer space will make your bowels loose.

Charisma. There are dictators and war mongers, but I think my favorite of the baddies is the charismatics. No one oozes charm like slime from a Ghostbuster ghoul than Boyd Crowder.


Equally at home behind a pulpit or behind bars, this guy could charm the pants off a nudist. Best line: I’ve been accused of being a lot of things…inarticulate ain’t one of them.

Awesome Evil Toys. Part of the villain benefit packages is getting your choice of weapons. Blasters, knives, chain saws, all cool, but nothing quite as fantastic as black magic.


No one has more dark spells up his sleeve than old no-snoz, Voldermort.

Teamwork. Many hands make the workload light. That’s what it’s all about when you’re trying to get something major done. Ya know, like wiping out the human race for instance. The Borg, Storm Troopers, Congress–all scourges of the galaxy. But not even the self-important pomposity of the IRS compares to the evil race created by a computer virus with delusions of grandeur.


Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Terminator created by Skynet needs no introduction. You thought fire ants at your picnic were a problem, you ain’t seen nothing ’til a group of these guys come traipsing over the hills and through your potato salad.

Thank you for having me on today, Ashley! Readers, are you ready to learn a bit about our books and enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card? Woop! Let’s go!


Rhew 2 Rhew Blog Tour – 122 Rules Book Blitz Extravaganza!
How’s that for a catchy title? What a crazy adventure this has been FIVE years in the making, and it has finally arrive: 122 Rules has been born unto the world. The stories I could tell just so I could tell you this story…well, let’s just say it’s been an interesting, educational, and life-altering adventure.


This has been a grand journey, filled with hardships, fun, learning, and growth. But of all the things that have happened on the writing road, meeting the love of my life is the most unlikely and easily the luckiest, most blessed things to have ever happened to me.

Ahhhh, it’s cold out here!
Do ya feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?

Erin Rhew and I started out as critique partners, became friends, and now she’s my bride. She’s my best friend and partner in all things. Even if I don’t sell a single copy of my writings, I’ll always be a smashing success because I met Erin.

Book Blitz


On this half of the Rhewination tour, I am visiting blogs all over the globe, from Australia to the farthest corners in Canada. Next week, on the second half of the tour, Erin will be gracing the pages of 50+ bloggers!

In addition, we are giving away a $50 Amazon gift card! Prepare yourselves to win!

122 Rules


Today, we are announcing my adult thriller novel, 122 Rules.


In his black and white world, Sam Bradford–former Marine turned government assassin–finally sees a speck of grey. He has always followed orders without question, but his latest assignment threatens to disrupt the precision of his universe and may either severe or redeem his last remaining sliver of humanity.

Using his mastery of the 122 Rules of Psychology, Sam hunts down everyone The Agency sends him to find and eliminates them. Just as he has his rifle scope focused on his latest victim, Monica Sable, a SoCal girl entangled with the mob, his long-dormant conscience reappears for a final performance…one last ditch effort to save the sinking ship of Sam’s soul. He’s killed innocents before, but tarries on pulling the trigger this time.

When Monica escapes his crosshairs and fumbles her way across the country in a pathetic attempt to elude capture, Sam gives chase. But he’s not the only one after her. Ruthless henchmen, hired by the mob, froth like bloodhounds and nip at Monica’s heels. Now Sam is faced with a choice: turn his back on the rules and jeopardize his way of life by helping her or join the pack and rip her to shreds.

What are readers saying?

122 Rules is a fast-paced thrill-ride, filled with rich characters living in an expertly woven world of mystery and suspense. Deek Rhew’s debut novel will take readers by storm, and keep them coming back for sequels.

​~Michelle K. Pickett, Bestselling and award-winning author of PODs and Unspeakable.

The perfect, fast-paced novel for fans of kick-butt heroines, creepy killers, and getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. An absolute must-read!

~Meradeth Houston, author of Travelers, An Absence of Light, and the Sary Society Series

Visit the 122 Rules Web Page

Visit Amazon and Goodreads!

While you’re on Deek’s site check out Birth of an American Gigolo.



An old party girl shoehorned into domestic divaship, infuriated by her husband’s cheating and his holier-than-thou, tree-hugging, no-tits and no-hips girlfriend, inflicts her wrath by training a local boy in the fine art of seduction. She and her new boy toy turned love god start a gigolo business as a distraction for the neglected and mistreated housewives of Alabaster Cove.


Take a selfie with your ebook or paper copy of Birth and post it on social media with the tag #BirthSelfie. We’ll post you on the Rhewination web site!

Deek Rhew


Deek lives in a rainy pocket in the Pacific Northwest with the stunning YA author bride, Erin Rhew, and their writing assistant, a fat tabby named Trinity. They enjoy lingering in the mornings, and often late into the night, caught up Erin’s fantastic fantasy worlds of noble princes and knights and entwined in Deek’s dark underworld of the FBI and drug lords.

He and Erin love to share books by reading aloud to one another. In addition, they enjoy spending time with friends, running, boxing, lifting weights, and exploring the little town–with antique shops and bakeries–they call home.

Connect with Deek!

For the latest and greatest, visit his web page:

Next week be on the lookout for Erin’s:
The Fulfillment Series Blitz Extravaganza!

Erin Rhew’s book that started it all, The Prophecy!


Erin Rhew’s, The Outlanders!
Erin Rhew’s, The Fulfillment

Erin Rhew

Erin Rhew is an editor, a running coach, and the author of The Fulfillment Series. Since she picked up Morris the Moose Goes to School at age four, she has been infatuated with the written word. She went on to work as a grammar and writing tutor in college and is still teased by her family and friends for being a member of the “Grammar Police.”

A Southern girl by blood and birth, Erin now lives in a rainy pocket of the Pacific Northwest with the amazingly talented (and totally handsome) writer Deek Rhew and their “overly fluffy,” patient-as-a-saint writing assistant, a tabby cat named Trinity. She and Deek enjoy reading aloud to one another, running, lifting, boxing, eating chocolate, and writing side-by-side.



Authors, do you think the artwork for The Prophecy, The Outlanders, The Fulfillment, Birth of an American Gigolo, and 122 Rules is as stunning as we do? Visit to find out how you can get the amazing Anita to work on your book as well!




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