Life Update

I’m Not Dead I Promise!

Hello! As you can tell by the title and my very erratic posts these past two months I’m not dead. But I sure felt like it. Between work taking over my life, trying to get our home in shape for the summer, taking a serious tumble down some stairs, and getting ready for one of the two weddings I’m in my presence on wordpress and the internet in general has all but disappeared. But, I am back! And with it expect me commenting on old posts of blogs I follow like a creeper, lots of reviews (seriously, lots and lots of reviews), fun new bookish themed things (like baking bookish treats) and  other goodies.

Although I’ve been away I have been writing reviews in my downtime off and on and compiling recipes and ideas for future use. I hope to have enough mojo to keep up posting two or three times a week like I used to. The last week or so I’ve been on vacation for my oldest and dearest friends wedding and so I took time to just read books I wanted to read and listen to audiobooks. Of course that just means I now have more to review but it was nice to read what I wanted. And it was heavenly to just relax and spend time with one of my best friends. Being a bridesmaid for someone you have known almost all your life and being there while she gives her heart to the man of her dreams is the best feeling ever.

I want to thank you all for being dedicated followers and friends. I also want to think the book blogging community for being amazing. You guys rock!