Life Update

Much Needed Break

As many of you could probably tell I took a almost two month long hiatus. This was not originally planned as I had set up a timeline of reviews I wanted to publish/write throughout June and July but as you can see that really never happened. My reason?

Life Happens.

May is when my works medical residents graduate and with that lots and lots of paperwork and overdue orders. I figured taking a week or two off couldn’t hurt and so I focused on working long hours to try and get us caught up again. Then David and I spent time with friends we hadn’t gotten to see in awhile and their brand new baby. After that it was traveling to see my father, his parents a few times, my cousin visiting for a week and a lot of other small things that just snowballed into me barely reading any emails let alone turning on my computer.

I really put the Part Time in Part Time Book Nerd this summer.

I never expected to do this all the time and I knew it would never be front a center in my life but to those of you who follow the blog I apologize for going AWOL. Now you can expect a few reviews in the next two weeks and then a stead stream until I am caught up.


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