Book Review: Archaic by Regan Ure

28511612Title & Author:  Archaic by Regan Ure

Genre: Young Adult – Paranormal, Romance

Release Date: January 10th 2016

Series: Archaic #1

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Source: Purchased

Description: Ava is a typical seventeen-year-old dealing with everyday teenage problems. A job opportunity for her father takes her parents overseas. Not wanting to move, she accepts her grandmother’s offer to let her live with her, until her parents return.

On her first day at school in the new town, she meets Jared Walker-tall, dark and gorgeous, with an ego to match. Ava soon discovers that there is more to him than meets the eye. He is hiding a secret that will pull her into his world and put her life in danger.

Meet Ava Delaney. Analyze the way she looks, the way she acts and who she is. Memorize who she is, because she’ll never be the same again.

At First Glance:

The cover looks great, the description is very interesting. I’ve been eyeing the book/series for some time and since it’s got great reviews I decided to give it a try.


The premise behind this book was really interesting and I enjoyed the fact that it was something completely different. Unfortunately that was the only thing I really found enjoyable. While the the whole idea of the Archaic kept me reading it felt more like a chore than a pleasant read.

Ava is your typical heroine that falls head over heels for Jared instantly. And I mean instantly. Their relationship progresses at warp speed and despite her being a noon she was heavy petting like a pro after knowing him for two weeks. (No slut shaming but Ava’s whole personality was that of a well reserved person who seemed to take things slow and think them through. So when she eagerly gobbled Jared up I was skeptical.)

The writing was one of the main reasons I felt the story fell flat. There was ZERO emotion. Everything was over detailed to the point of annoyance, things were explained over and over again as if Ava was a small child and I just hated the way we read every little thing Ava did. I don’t care what you ate for dinner every night. I don’t care that you hung the towel behind the door after a shower. I don’t care that you don’t know what sort of car someone drives. It kept pulling me out of the story and I was thankful when I finished reading it.

Despite the original story and Jared being “Omg smoking hot, he looks just like a super model” I won’t be continuing the series.

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