Making Your Own Bookish Apparel – Sponsored by UberPrints

Hello everyone, today I’ve got something a bit different. The lovely people at UberPrints reached out to me about a collaboration so I’m here to show you it’s super easy to make your own bookish apparel!

Please note that I will never, ever, ever endorse something I don’t 100% believe in. To be completely transparent I received a free shirt with my own design on for this post.

Do not repost without my permission.

So what did I decide to make? Something A Court of Mist and Fury of course! This book still sits at the top of my all time favorites lists. I’ve been toying with the idea of opening my own shop and so when UberPrints contacted me I was thrilled! This was the perfect time to test out my design skills and see how well they looked on clothing.

I was floored with how easy it was to upload and create your own design with UberPrints! They even have a pretty large stock image library for those of you who don’t want to make something from scratch. Their fonts are all lovely but you can always add your own font to your design and upload it with your work like I did.

My favorite thing about the design process? You can upload Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator files! How amazing is that? I have yet to see that in any other website (of course I don’t normally look at these type of websites normally.) and was ecstatic. I didn’t have to worry about loosing image quality by exporting the image. Designers you’ll know this is huge. It also has the ability to detect and take out white color in your design so its completely transparent if you wish.

There is a huge range of different types of shirts and plenty of colors to choose from. I noticed you get more color choices if you order 12+ shirts and use the screen printing option but I was fine with my normal gray. Here is the mock up design the website showed me when I ordered it:

Night Court Tee:

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. You could make any sort of bookish or fandom shirt in your imagination. The best part is you don’t have to open your own shop online and just ordered your own custom made shirts for fairly cheap. That way you have a 100% original limited edition bookish shirt!

Here’s a slightly crazed picture of me after I got the shirt in the mail. 
The whole process was really easy and I am nothing but impressed. The shipping was wicked fast, packaging was very good and well protected and it came with a little UberPrints sticker. I am such a sucker for stickers. I highly recommend going to check out their website and play around with their design studio.

Check them out here: UberPrints