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2017 Blog & Bookish Resolutions



I’ve been hooing and humming over what my resolutions for 2017 might be and although I am making the conscious effort to eat healthier and stress less I wanted to make some concrete blog resolutions. When it comes to holding myself accountable it can only go two ways. I will strive my very best to reach my goal or the simple fact that I made it a goal will turn me off from every even putting any effort forward. Therefore I am going to keep this simple.

Comment and Blog Hop More

I really enjoy checking out other blogs and reading their posts and I am SO BAD about leaving comments. I try to be engaging with others but I really think the fact that I treat book blogging like my namesake, part-time that I don’t ever get to connect with others.

Make More Art

I started off great in 2016 with making little quote graphics to go with my reviews and then that just fizzled out like a firework. Even if it’s one graphic for every four or five reviews I would be happy. It takes time but I enjoy the end result and me being lazy just needs to stop being in the way.

Read According to Release Date

I get a lot of ARCs. That isn’t me gloating, trust me. I do this lovely thing where I only get on Netgalley once a month because I have NO WILL POWER AT ALL. I only request books I want to read but alas I am a victim of being a mood reader and that sometimes doesn’t fly when you get a contemporary that is due out in less than a month and you are on a massive fantasy kick. How do people juggle reading ARCs and their own personal TBR? I have physical books I have yet to read, ebooks I have yet to read, and a Kindle Unlimited subscription that always seems to be maxed out. So I want to start reading according to release date. Seems simple enough right? If the book is out within one or two months I will read it then make a draft of the review so I don’t completely forget what I read and if I liked it. Then I can set it to publish on or around the release date. I’ll just have to ignore the summer releases sitting in my kindle and focus on the up and coming. (I’m eyeing you Coming Up For Air)

Be More Active

When I first started blogging I was posting 3-4 times a week. Now I blog 5-6 times a month. On a good month I might add. I’ve always got such cool ideas and posts I want to write but when I get home at the end of the day I’m just wiped out. I’ve had ZERO motivation to do anything even when I like the idea. Anyone have tips for being more productive even when you don’t want to do anything but lay around?

That’s it for my 2017 resolutions! Have you made any? I would love to see them.



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