Book Review: Monster Mine by Meg Collett

31160885Title & Author: Monster Mine by Meg Collett

Genre: New Adult- Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Release Date: July 25th 2016

Series: Fear University #3

Publisher:  Smashwords (self published)

Source: Bought

Description: I, Sunny Lyons, am chasing my best friend’s ghost.

Or at least I thought I was until Ollie calls me on the phone and tells me to come to Anchorage, Alaska. We find her in a renovated warehouse surrounded by halflings and Hex, her father and the greatest aswang warrior who has ever lived.

While trying to protect Ollie from the people who want to use her as a weapon, I stumble across a secret the halflings will kill to protect—a secret that could save the man I love. I may be the Cowardly Lyon, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to protect my friends—even if it kills me.

My name is Ollie Volkova, and I am not broken.

Though my friends may say otherwise after I spent three weeks with a sadistic madman. They think I’m crazy, but when a monster called the Manananggal surfaces on the outskirts of Anchorage, my father offers to tell me about my mother in exchange for my help in hunting down the winged creature. It’s a deal I can’t pass up. Not when my mother’s past is so important to my future.

But the more I learn about her, the more I discover about my monster’s soul, and when my father reveals the final, darkest truth, the decision I make will change the course of my life.

Monster Mine has my emotions torn between loving it and being slightly disgruntled. This book had SO MUCH going on. We finally get another point of view and I am super happy its Sunny. She’s so much more grounded than the rest of the group and tries to cope with the grief realistically. The book starts off with Sunny traveling with Hatter and Luke frantically searching for Ollie. She’s come to terms with Ollie being gone, that is until she receives a call from her.

When Sunny finally meets up with Ollie were thrust into a wold of half breeds and aswang alike. Surrounded by the enemy they tip toe around the situation while trying to convince Ollie to come back with them. Add a new lesser known monster to the mix (which I absolutely love that these are different then just vamps and werewolves and other over used baddies) and you got yourself a hair-raising action packed book! Let me tell you, there is so much action in this book it’s crazy. There are twists and secrets and lies and just… so much going on it all builds to an amazing conclusion that left me reeling and wanting more. I am really hoping the author writes more of this series because things aren’t completely resolved and I love Ollie and Luke and ship Sunny and Hatter so bad. I want them to be happy little precious cinnamon rolls.

Have you heard of this series? Have you read it? I would love to know what you think!

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