Mini Book Review: The Killing Season by Meg Collett

27823184Title & Author: The Killing Season by Meg Collett

Genre: New Adult- Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Release Date: February 1st 2016

Series: Fear University #2

Publisher:  Smashwords (self published)

Source: Bought

Description: In the far Alaskan north, there are places the winter sun cannot reach. Places where light won’t shine for months. These are the places we hunt the monsters who feed on fear.

So begins the Killing Season.

For the next sixty-five days, we will face the darkness. Some will hunt the aswangs in the ever night, but I, Ollie Andrews, am here for one purpose: to search for answers to my past.

They told us to fear the arctic tundra and the monsters hiding in the deep, dark shadows. But, locked inside a base known for driving even the best hunters mad, I fear it’s not the outside we should worry about, but the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves.

The real monsters are within.

When a brutal murder brings with it the secrets of Fear University—and the threat of an unknown killer on the loose—we all must fight to stay alive. But with madness and paranoia setting in during a whiteout snowstorm, all we can do is hope we don’t destroy ourselves before the sun finally rises again. Because no matter how hard we fight, reality will always threaten to tear us apart.

And when faced with the most terrible of truths, even the strongest break.


Apparently I was not paying attention when I published the third book review seeing as the second one was never posted to the blog. Honestly, I read this book so long ago I hardly remember what happened. I feel like the first and third one were more memorable. Which happens often in series, the second book is generally plot building and such so I don’t hold it against the author. I remember there being a new/different type of mythical creature in this book but I don’t think we ever really got to see them. It was mentioned often but that’s it.

I do however, remember that the guy Ollie has been running from shows up. Which was very creepy. He is a total psychopath and needs to be killed asap. I can’t give away what happens since that’s pretty much the whole build up of the book but stuff goes down in all the wrong ways. We finally get to see more of Ollie and Luke’s relationship grow and Sunny is a big part of this book which I’m happy about.

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