Top Ten Things That Make Me #InstaRead


Recommendations – I love it when my friends or bloggers with the same taste in books as me recommend something. I’m less skeptical if I know that we had similar taste in the past and more inclined to pick up the book over general over-hype in the book community

Fairytale/Classic Retelling – I’m not a fan of every retelling but I’m about 90% more likely to add it to my TBR if it’s a retelling of a classic like Beauty and the Beast or Little Red Riding Hood.

Werewolves -I know werewolves are generally over used (similarly like vampires) but I am pro werewolf stories and willing to give them all a chance. Plus I hardly ever see werewolf YA books, it’s normally reserved for the adult novels.

Fae and non overused mythical creatures – Same goes for anything fae or less used mythical creatures. Bonus points if they aren’t European or American folklore.

Aliens & Space Travel – This one is slightly more picky. I want it to be good. A lot of sci-fi comes off really kitschy and lame so although I might add a ton of sci-fi to my TBR I do a lot of research before reading it to make sure I’m not wasting my time.

Reverse Harem – This is my guilty pleasure. C.L. Stone’s books are so good and recently a lot of new authors are taking a stab at it. Werewolf reverse harem? Uhm, yes please!

Fangirl Stories – This one is more or less contemporary such as Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell or Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira. I love when our protagonist is a fangirl of some type because although I’m not a die hard fangirl anymore I can remember back in high school and early college when I was and it’s so fun to revisit those memories.

Diversity – I love reading different books. I’ve been told I have a weirdly large range of what I will read by a few friends. That being said, I get tired of reading the same old X character is perfect but clumsy and all the boys/girls love X character and they are the chosen one. Give me real life! Give me unusual and unique people! Give me someone you would see walking down the street! I know diversity has gotten a lot better recently but not too many years ago you would read books that just vaguely described the main character so the reader could superimpose themselves onto them. That is not what I want. I want someone real and different from me. Just because they are not like me doesn’t make them any less of a character. It makes them more.

High Fantasy – I have a serious weakness for a good fantasy series. Castles, epic journeys, dragons, you name it and I love it.

Urban Fantasy – As much as I love High Fantasy, I think I love Urban Fantasy more. It’s generally got everything I love. Supernatural creatures and paranormal elements while still being realistic to our world. It’s like a alternate reality you can step through and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That Make Me #InstaRead

  1. I absolutely LOVE fangirl stories. Queens of Geek is probably my favorite one to-date. ❤
    And books that use unique mythology are my utter favorites– I love the usual stuff we get in ya books, but it's great when authors use new and obscure mythology.
    Great list!! ^-^


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