Ten Book Turnoffs


I like to think of myself as not being very picky but a readers gotta have some standards. There’s always something that turns you off from a book not matter what you may think.

Horrible editing, formatting, writing. (If I can’t enjoy the book how am I supposed to enjoy the story?)

Insensitive/Problematic/Racist/Sexist Material

Insta-love, love triangle, special snowflake combo books. (This combo instantly kills my bookish appetite.)

Books with unhealthy depictions of abusive relationships.

Overused Tropes

Hard to follow magical/world building systems. (If I can’t explain it to someone without going “You just need to read the book to get it.” I don’t want to read it.)

Slow moving plots

Historical Romance (I have yet to find a single one I like.)

Crime Centered stories (I can’t get into murder mysteries to save my life even though I like them as movies/tv.)

Poorly Reviewed (I am a shrew when it comes to looking up books. If it has a average 2.5 or below rating I won’t even touch it.)

That’s it for today! If you did a TTT please feel free to link it below so I can check it out!



3 thoughts on “Ten Book Turnoffs

  1. I’m starting to take books off my tbr if the synopsis mentions love triangle or love at first sight because those tend to focus on the romance more than the characters or plot, and it just turns me off.

    Thanks for sharing your list!


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