Monthly Wrap Up

April 2017 Wrap Up and May TBR


Wow where did the month go? Seriously, I feel like it was just the beginning of April and I was planning all the stuff I had to do then BAM its all over. I feel like I could have read a lot more this month but I just sort of slacked off toward the end of the month. Next month I have a lot of ARCs to read so I’ll be getting back into the grind of things, hopefully. I posted a lot this month. More than I ever have before. Twenty-three posts total in April and that’s just that stuff I had time to write! I was filled with so many ideas and reviews I wanted to write so I ended up scheduling/drafting a few for next month.

I got back into Wattpad this month which is a slippery slope because I end up getting sucked into stories on there and neglect my actually books. A lot of stories I was following last year are finished so I’ll be going back and rereading them to finish them up. Of course I’m counting these toward my Goodreads challenge because why not? They’re well done and long books. Just not published. Speaking of my Goodreads challenge, lets see how I’m doing.

April challenge








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