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Ten Things I Want To See More Of

It’s human nature to constantly want more, and this week it’s all about things I want to see more of in books.

Werewolves – I want more books with werewolves and were-creatures well done like those of Patricia Briggs. I adore her world building and the way the wolves work. It’s perfect and I constantly find myself comparing new “shifter” (I really hate that term for some reason) books to hers.

Street Magic / Magical Realism

Realistic Witches – This goes hand in hand with the magical realism mostly but I also  just want more witchy stuff.

Simmering Romance – The kinda that’s slow and thorough and eats everything up as it creeps up on you. (Kinda like Feyre and Rhysand.)

Enemies to Lovers – True story, I normally always at some point root for the “bad guy” or evil person to get with the hero/heroine. Like the Darkling in the Grisha Trilogy. IDK I just like evil peeps getting with soft/innocent people and how they could balance each other out.

Epic World Building

Faerie Based Work – I want stories with Fae in them, people who become Fae or get trapped by them. Dark stories, light/humorous stories, it doesn’t matter. I find it so fascinating and love it.

Mental Health Diversity – I want more realistic depictions of mental and behavioral health in books.

Less Love Triangles – It is 2017 people, why are we still reading about love triangles?

Little Red Riding Hood Retellings – This is one of my favorite stories and I want MORE!

Well that’s it for me, if you did a TTT or listed something similar I’m always eager to see what other people post so link it in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Ten Things I Want To See More Of

  1. This post got me thinking, what do I want to see more in books and i have to say that I think alot of people have jumpred onto the the fae/ fairy / vampire bandwagon, I think i have had my fill of those for now.
    What about the other classes for want of a better word, like shamans and druids, that would be cool!
    Also really gritty crime dramas, murder mystery that type, I am sure there is some out there, I just need to smell them out!!


  2. I SO agree with you about werewolves! I keep picking up werewolf novels that are a massive disappointment (either a lame romance without any chemistry or Libido Overdrive: The Book), which is a shame, because they are among my favourite ghoulish creatures.

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    1. OMG Libido Overdrive is the perfect description for those “shifter” romance books I keep finding. Like, give me good plot and less dry humping please!


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