Monthly Wrap Up

May 2017 Wrap Up and June TBR


May was a very busy month for me. It seemed like every weekend we had some obligation to go to or something around the house/yard that had to be done. I guess that’s what being adults and homeowners is about but still, it was very exhausting. I hope evereyone else had a great month and will be enjoying their summer! We don’t have anything planned in terms of a vacation and I’m not sure if we will but it’s still nice to go out once in awhile to enjoy the summer weather.

This month I surpassed last months views/visitors/likes/comments and last month was the best month I had ever had. Since last year I pretty much stopped looking at my stats since it was stressing me out and making blogging more like a chore than a hobby. I tried to put passion back into it and it’s really shown in my opinion. I’m still not doing everything I want with the blog but with a full time job, freelance work, and other hobbies I’m about as invested as I can be.

How is my Goodreads Reading Challenge going? According to this I read 12 this month books but I realized I never added Snot Girl to my Goodreads. Oh well.

reading challenge3


This is all the ARCs I have that are being published in June that still need to read. I’m super excited about them all but most of all Want and The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue.










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