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June 2017 Wrap Up and July TBR


June was a pretty productive month in terms of reading. I dove head first into my Patricia Briggs re-read and came out alive. Although I haven’t finished them all I still got a good chunk done. I also got swept away with re-reading the Academy series by CL Stone which was against my better judgement since it’s like crack once you start. It’s been two years since I read the first five books and honestly, I think my opinion of the series has changed a lot. And unfortunately not for the better.

How’s my Goodreads Challenge going? Pretty much done! 🦄 I did a bunch of re-reads this year so that helped me. Now I can just continue and not stress about my challenge. I knew it would be fairly easy to hit 75 but I wasn’t sure how busy I would be this year.

june gr challenge.png



I’m about 30% into The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and loving it. I need to finish a few June books since I’m stupid and haven’t checked my Edelweiss account in two weeks and had a new book approved. The Beautiful Lost was one of my anticipated reads this summer and I didn’t even know I got approved. (Aren’t they supposed to send you an email when that happens?)






6 thoughts on “June 2017 Wrap Up and July TBR

        1. Fair Game was my favorite by far in that series. I just think the timing and pace for the fourth book is very slow. There is action but the first 25% just seems to drag on in my opinion. I do really enjoy Charles and Anna though so I should really finish it.

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