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Book Confessions That Will Have You Side-Eyeing Me


This fun post was originally created by Nick over at  Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist Their blog is one of the originals that I have been following forever. (Both separately until they decided to co-blog as well.) So when I saw Nick do this I loved the idea!

I read the last page (or chapter) of a book

Confession, I don’t like things ending up badly for my favorite characters or huge cliffhangers. I don’t do this always, but if it’s a fantasy or high stakes read I generally just sorta… peek to make sure I’m not going to be in a huge raging fit when I finish it. Most of the time I forget all about what I read by the time I finish it anyways because hello? Short goldfish memory. But when i start reading it, it gives me the confidence to keep reading when my attention wanes or I worry about how it might end.

I am a serial series dumper

If a book series is long, or the publication date between the next books are longer than a year chances are I’m going to give up on it. The same can be said for a long series that is already finished. I just…. don’t have the time to sit and binge through them all as well as buy them all. Mortal Instruments? Stopped after the third book. The Ghost Bird series? Stopped at book six with no plans to finish it. Shadow Falls? Own ALL THE BOOKS but stopped after the first two. This even applies to TV shows. I hear nothing but great things about Supernatural or Once Upon a Time. 7+ seasons? You’re out of your mind if you think I have time to watch all that. (This isn’t always true since I do really enjoy Throne of Glass and the Patricia Briggs series but generally, my attention span is that of a squirrel.)

I book juggle

Exactly how it sounds. I start one book, get a good 20-30% through annnnnnndddd “oh look, this book looks good!” I start the process all over. Until I have too many and am forced to finish some. Sometimes I wait so long to finish a book I forgot what I read of it was about. This is why I read so many ARCs at once then dump the reviews back to back. Some not even coming out till the end of the year. Or why I might say I’m reading ARCs then publish fifty million backlog book reviews. I would apologize for this but that means I plan to fix this issue. This has just always been how I read.

I prefer ebooks

I like the ability to carry hundreds of books with me at once. There I said it. It’s easier and less hassle and I can read in almost any position and with the lights off.

I don’t care about owning the same type of books in a series

Paperback to hardback to paperback? Doesn’t really matter to me. Sure it doesn’t look pretty on my shelf but at least I own all the books. I’m also notorious for owning the first and third books in physical form and owning all others in ebook. I’m a very frugal book buyer and try to get the best deal. If that means buying the ebook copies for cheaper then hell yes I’ll buy them. The only downside is when I want to loan out the series… I really can’t.

My bookshelf isn’t pretty

Practicality is the way to go for me. I try to keep my paperbacks (mass-market) separate from the rest of the books and then its generally just by size. I know where all the books are on my shelf so I don’t worry about keeping authors together. You won’t see me snapping shelfies normally because of this and my rather (as some call it,) drab bookshelf. It’s a light gray color since that’s my favorite and it’s homemade. It’s not a pretty ikea white one like all the bookstagramers and I don’t really care.

I don’t buy/own a lot of bookish swag

I have my pre-purchase gifts and some buttons and bookmarks sent with arcs from authors and that’s it. I don’t go out of my way to buy pretty candles that just sit on the shelf or get custom funkos. I would like to buy some candles sure, but you better believe I’ll be burning them. I don’t really see the need to buy fifty million different bookmarks either. I use the same four and that’s it. I think it all comes back to practicality for me. I’m not shaming people who do these things, I actually love to look at all the pretty photos with them a lot but I can’t see myself buying stuff to just take a picture of. I want things I can use. Also, although our house is pretty big for two people I don’t like clutter. I want things to be clean and open so it would drive me nuts to have all this stuff just sitting there.

What are some of your weird bookish habits?
Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Book Confessions That Will Have You Side-Eyeing Me

  1. I feel as if I’ve met a kindered soul. I will say my bookshelf is kinda fancy but only because my husband knows how much I love my books so he built me a set of bookshelves that turned out really nice. I don’t buy a lot of bookish stuff but have been given some stuff and I rarely spend more than $5-$10 on a book. I’m super frugal and buy them on super sale or secondhand. I love Goodwill hunting and finding gems. I’m a big user of my library as well. 😃 I’ve been know to read the last bit of a book to see if it’s worth reading the whole thing and I totally book juggle as well. Basically we are almost twins 😉😆

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  2. I definitely would side-eye you for a couple of these, haha. (Not having matching books in the same series would KILL me.) I don’t buy a lot of book swag either, unless it’s Harry Potter related and that’s only because I am a huge fan. I don’t really see the point of buying tons of swag just for picture purposes. (Nor do I have the money for that)

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  3. I used to collect the same book in all its different covers and at some point just the book in all its forms!
    I like my books on my shelves to be going in descending height and seperate my hardbacks from my paperbacks, but like you Ashley, My shelves are not full of book swag just books, pictures of my daughter, candles and stuff……so, i guess you can call them cluttered!
    I love looking in charity shops ( i think over the pond you call them goodwill) for books and I use Amazon alot for by book buying habit, as you can get books for 1P!

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  4. I can definitely relate to a lot of these! Especially flipping to the last page… there have been so many books I wanted to throw across the room because of traumatic events and I finally would have to flip to the back and find out how it ended, just so I could know if I was getting upset for no reason, bahaha.

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