Watching, Wearing, Wanting, Wednesday (July.19)


Watching, Wearing, Wanting, Wednesday is very easy, all you have to do is list something that falls into those three categories. It can be bookish or non bookish related! This meme was created by me and free to use by anyone.


Image result for john wick       Image result for the void movie poster

OMG I love me some Keanu Reeves! These movies were amazing. I’m really sad about the way the second one ended. It’s open ended but I can’t see it being good for John Wick. The Void is on Netflix and it’s so… just… me. This movie is absolutely weird as crap, its got some really gory parts and crazy HP Lovecraft type monsters. The plot makes very little sense and I loved it.  It was really suspenseful at first then it got crazy fast and all spiraled into this huge mess of David and I screaming “What is going on? Look out behind you!” I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something that isn’t ground breaking but really entertaining.

Image result for the imitation game Image result for blood glacier Image result for troll hunter movie

The Imitation Game made me cry. It was SO GOOD. That ending?! And it was based on real events so it just crushes me even more. Highly highly recommend it. Blood Glacier was terrible. I loved it. It was good old fashion monster mutation horror. Troll Hunter was phenomenal. David had watched it before me and knew instantly I would like it so I had to check it out. It was so well done, I want it to be a TV show!


Image result for designer gouacheThis is a stretch but I’m going to say gouache. Because it’s true as of late. I bought a cheap set of gouache and fell in love with the medium and since them went out and bought some more high quality tubes. I’m not a very neat painter either so when I’m done painting for the night I typically have it all over.

The best way to explain gouache is to say its the love child between acrylic and watercolor. It’s very opaque but can be reactivated or diluted with water. It also dries fast and in a matte finish. It’s something I’ve really wanted to work with for awhile but was always scared and intimidated. I’ve pushed myself to finish a full piece and plan to finish one more by the end of the month.


Uhg I am having some serious wants lately. I finished the Illuminae Files a few days ago and want to just dive right into the second part. I am loving the format of this series. I also started Secondborn by Amy A. Bartol and am loving it. It’s going quick and for that I’m upset because god only knows when the next book will be out. I need the rest of these series like yesterday!



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