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Tentative Return in May to Blogging

If you’ve stopped by my blog in the last two-three months you’ll notice it took a turn for the well… dead. I started a new job in January and have been absolutely swamped to say the least. Just in the last month have I found time to read two books. I’m sitting pretty at 10 for the year so far when normally I would be at 40 by now. This is partly my fault for not being able to unplug from work (because honestly, there just isn’t enough days in the week.) So I’m hoping to get some book reviews and fun posts scheduled and drafted for May in the next few weeks. My plan is to just take it very slow until summer when my job tends to slow down. Hopefully. Then I can read like crazy, blog and scheduled up a ton of posts that will keep me rolling until things calm down.

What I’ve been up to

Well, I’ve essentially overhauled the marketing and social media aspect of my job as a one person team. Which is the Admissions Department for my alma mater. So I’m working on a fairly… large-ish scale in terms of trying to get things up and more modern looking while juggling my other work duties. This involves daily meetings with various departments, skipping lunch to squeeze in more calls/work/meetings and generally just being “plugged in” to all things higher education. I’ve been spending a lot of my breaks and slower down time in the design lab trying to get next years marketing material designed and proofed for printing this summer. This also involves scheduling photo shoots for the campus, students, faculty, etc. Honestly I love it but I’m a wreck. I’ve been going 300 mph since I started and its just starting to slow down. We had a board meeting my first month and I gave them a projected timeline and I’ve been working really hard to keep to it and make sure our projected numbers and exposure is in the green when the next board meeting rolls around which is May. So please be patient with me. I still love reading and blogging, but this is a fun hobby. It does not pay, at all. Which means sometimes it’s going to have to take a backseat for real life things.

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