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Book Confessions That Will Have You Side-Eyeing Me

This fun post was originally created by Nick over at  Nick & Nereyda's Infinite Booklist Their blog is one of the originals that I have been following forever. (Both separately until they decided to co-blog as well.) So when I saw Nick do this I loved the idea! I read the last page (or chapter)… Continue reading Book Confessions That Will Have You Side-Eyeing Me


Let’s Discuss: How Do You Schedule and Keep Track of Reviews/ARCS?

I'm pretty curious how other bloggers keep track of all their scheduled posts, arcs to be reviewed and other things they want to post on their blog. I used to keep it all tracked in a daily journal and that got to be a hassle. Now I just use a word document that I also… Continue reading Let’s Discuss: How Do You Schedule and Keep Track of Reviews/ARCS?


{Aside} Rating On Goodreads Before You’ve Read It.

Bentley has somehow put into words my exact feelings of the book community lately. Everyone could do with reading this.

Book Bastion

Fair Warning: Unpopular Opinions Incoming!

I’ve been debating writing this post for quite some time now. I’ve titled it “Unpopular Opinions” for a reason. I’m fully expecting this to spark a bit of discussion and yes, disagreements, but given that we’re all civilized people with strong opinions that are all worthy of merit, I felt more and more compelled to share my thoughts.

I wanted to talk today about the state of Goodreads; in particular a disturbing trend I’ve been witnessing of people maliciously rating books before they’ve actually read them.

For the record, I also take issue with people rating upcoming books that they’re looking forward to 5 stars before the book has even been published, but that’s really not what I want to focus on here. Yes, that equally skews the ratings of any book, but I think it’s more pressing that we talk about the…

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