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Currently… September 2018

Currently reading/Recently Finished: Current: Recently Finished:    Currently listening to: Currently playing: Food Fantasy! It's super cute and keeps me busy when I have long fairs and visits that are empty for work. Currently eating: Nothing, I'm doing intermittent fasting so I have black coffee until about 11am then eat lunch. It's… Continue reading Currently… September 2018

Life Update · Memes

What I’ve Read Lately…

Hey everyone, still slowly working through my backlog of books and general life craziness. I did recently finish a book in under 24 hours which hasn't happened since I started my new job back in January. It was Honor Among Thieves which I did not expect to fall in love with as quickly as I… Continue reading What I’ve Read Lately…

Life Update

He Stole the Honey! A Children’s Book published by Me!

He Stole the Honey! will release on August 14, 2017. Description: Join Mr. Bear on a journey through the forest where he encounters a sticky situation about telling the truth, misplaced blame, speaking out, and doing what is right. This book is perfect for teaching your little one to not let anyone pressure them into… Continue reading He Stole the Honey! A Children’s Book published by Me!